11" Citrine Slab

11" Citrine Slab

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The crystals on this Citrine slab are various sizes, and have orange to yellow hues. The varying sizes of the crystals make this slab interesting and radiant. 

Measurements: ~ 11" across x 3" deep Location: Brazil, South America

More Information:

From the Latin word "citrus / citron tree", Citrine is a variety of Quartz which is composed of silica (SiO2) and forms an important part of most igneous rocks. Quartz occurs in crystalline masses, and when conditions permit, it forms hexagonal crystals.

Metaphysically, Citrine is one of the only minerals that not only promotes clarity of the mind, but also aids in success and prosperity, particularly in business. Citrine is also said to be helpful in repelling a wide variety of negative energies.