3.75" Petoskey Stone

3.75" Petoskey Stone

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Quick Overview

This petoskey stone has great patterning and color contrast that brings out the natural look of the hexagonal coral.

Measurements: ~3" High x 3-3/4" Wide x 1" Deep

Location: Petoskey, Michigan

Time Period: Cretaceous ~65 Million Years Old

More Information:

This unusual stone is actually the fossilized remains of a colonial coral, Hexagonaria percarinata, which lived in shallow seas during the Devonian Period 350 million years ago. The stone resembles ordinary limestone but when wet or polished, the distinctive pattern of the six-sided coral fossil emerges. Petoskey Stones are concentrated in Traverse Bay and Little Traverse Bay around Petoskey, Michigan. Petoskey Stone is named after a Native American Indian Ottawa chief, Chief Pet-O-Sega, which means "Ray of the Rising Sun." The eye of the stone is seen as the sun, and the line or tentacles are seen as the rays radiating from the sun. In 1965 it was named the state fossil of Michigan.