Native American Earrings "Zuni"

Native American Earrings "Zuni"

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In recent years, artists from the Zuni and Navajo nations have been creating jewelry in contemporary fashions, to complement their traditional pieces.
These earring are created with Onyx, Silver and Cultured Opal inlayed into fine sterling silver.

Measurements: ~ Each inlaid earring is 1/2" wide and hangs ~ 1-1/8"

Artist: Zuni / Native American

More Information:

Among other their skills, the Zuni are renowned for their mastery in both lapidary (stone cutting) and silversmithing skills. They are known for creating intricate inlayed jewelry pieces, setting the hand cut pieces next to each other, creating unique patterns.Many times, a Zuni artist will work strictly with Turquoise. However, it is not uncommon to find highly intricate works of art, created from coral, lapis, onyx, spiny oyster, and / or a variety of other stones. More recently, the Zuni have added "cultured opal" to the list of materials, used i their jewelry making. Although grown by man, cultured opal reveals a beautiful flash and play of color. For more about the culture of the Zuni Nation, please click here.