Skulls, Teeth, & Jawbones

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  1. Small Otodus obliquus Shark teeth

    Small Otodus obliquus Shark teeth


    Small Otodus obliquus shark tooth

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  2. Large Otodus obliquus Shark teeth

    Large Otodus obliquus Shark teeth


    Large Otodus obliquus Shark teeth

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  3. Leptomeryx skull

    Leptomeryx skull


    This is a nicely preserved skull nestled into its original matrix. For display the specimen is easily supported by means of a simple stand (included) and would be an excellent addition to any collection. Measures: ~4-1/2" long  x  2-1/2" wide  x  3-1/2" high Age: 24 - 38 myo Learn More
  4. Woolly Rhino jaw

    Woolly Rhino jaw


    This Woolly Rhino jaw section with its original teeth intact is quite rare. When they do come on the market many of the specimens we've seen are in very poor shape. This specimen is in excellent condition. The jaw section is solid and the teeth are in very nice condition as well with beautiful enamel retention.

    This would be an excellent specimen for any collector, particularly someone interested in mammals from this time period.

    Dimensions: ~ 8"long x 4" wide x 3" thick Location: China Time period: Miocene period: 25 myo Learn More
  5. Plesiosaur Teeth

    Plesiosaur Teeth


    These Plesiosaur teeth are very nice for any collector. Each one has been hand selected by us and you can be certain we will choose a beautiful specimen for you. Please remember that each will vary somewhat in size and shape. Measurement: 1-3/4" + Location: Khouribga phosphates, Morocco Time period: Upper Cretaceous Learn More
  6. 1-7/8" T-Rex tooth with Root Attachment

    1-7/8" T-Rex tooth with Root Attachment


    We've just recently added this awesome Tyrannosaurus-rex tooth, as it was temporarily on hold for someone. This nicely preserved specimen is un-restored and un-repaired. It displays very good enamel retention and the serrations are very distinct. The permineralization process has given the tooth a milk chocolate color, and the intact root extension is a lighter creamy brown. This Tyrannosaurus-rex tooth would be an excellent addition to anyone's collection. Measurements: ~ 1-7/8" long (including root) x 14/16" wide x 7/16" thick Location: Lance Formation, Lusk, Wyoming, USA Time period: Cretaceous Learn More
  7. 3-1/2" Carcharadon Megalodon Shark Tooth

    3-1/2" Carcharadon Megalodon Shark Tooth


    This Carcharadon Megalodon tooth's enamel color is "gun metal grey" with swirling blackish tones intermixed and warm hints within its fine hydration lines. The specimen is in "collectors condition and has not been repaired nor restored. The tooth's bourlette color mimics it's enamel and the root has taken on a warm tone, which contrasts nicely from the rest of the specimen. Both the tooth's tip and its serrations are in excellent condition. Measures: ~ 3-12" long Location: Hawthorn Fmt., Beufort Co., South Carolina, USA Time period: Miocene / 20 mya Learn More
  8. Wooly Mammoth Tooth

    Wooly Mammoth Tooth


    Perhaps no other animal that existed during the last Ice Age is as popular in today's culture as the Wooly Mammoth, thus making Mammoth material particularly collectable. This tooth is a fine grade specimen that has retained a nice amount of its root attachments. In our opinion, for a large bull Mammoth, the crown shows just the right amount of wear, while still retaining a very nice amount of detail. Although most, if not all Mammoth teeth are not completely fossilized, this specimen has still taken on a beautiful powdery chocolate brown color from its permineralization process. However, the tooth has been treated and allowed to properly dry, so you will not need to worry about future deterioration.

    Dimensions: ~ 7" long x 3" wide x 6-1/4" high (root - crown) Location: River Rhine, Germany Time Period: Pleistocene

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  9. Rare Woolly Rhino Jaw Section

    Rare Woolly Rhino Jaw Section


    This is a Dicerorhinus kirahbergensis (Woolly Rhino) jaw section without restoration. Its original teeth display just the right amount of wear and are in superb condition. The specimen's color is a nice medium brown. The teeth range from caramel colors to black. Measures: ~ 18" long x 2.5" across x 5.25" tall Largest tooth: ~ 1.25" wide x 2" long (root - crown) Location: Rhine River, Germany Time period: Pleistocene

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  10. Chubutensis Shark Tooth with Bite Mark!

    Chubutensis Shark Tooth with Bite Mark!


    The distinct bite mark on this Carcharocles Chubutensis tooth clearly indicates this shark was locked in battle with an equally formidable adversary. Whether is was for territorial reasons or a possibly a dispute occurred while feeding upon a whale, we will never know.

    The tooth by itself is quite impressive, displaying nice enamel retention with nominal hydration lines in both its root and enamel. The serrations are excellent, as is the tooth's tip. The rear (display) side of the tooth displays a nice full bourlette, interrupted only by the scrap and puncture mark caused by whatever adversary it was battling against. A rare and unusual fossil specimen.

    Measures: ~3-7/8" (root to tip) x 2-1/2" across Location: South Carolina Sate, USA Age: ~25 million years old Learn More

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