1-3/4" Bicolor Elbaite Tourmaline

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The color ranges from green to orange-yellow, and it has mountain-like terminations. This appears to be a self-healed crystal, meaning that the crystal sustained damage at one point in its growth, but continued to grow. This is a wonderful conversation piece and great investment for any collection. It has been glued to an acrylic base for easy display.

Location: Colonel Murta, Brazil

Measurements: ~1-3/4" tall x 1" wide, the base is 1-1/2" square and 5/8" tall

More Information

Albite (Elbaite) also known as Tourmaline is a group of mixed crystals with the following major members, Elbaite, Dravite, Schorl, Buergerite, Tsilaisite, and Uvite. The general color range of the mineral's family are colorless, pink, green, blue, yellow, brown, and black. What distinguishes tourmalines are the three-sided cross sections that are different than any other mineral.