2.9" Watermelon Tourmaline (Albite / Elbaite) Crystal

2.9" Watermelon Tourmaline (Albite / Elbaite) Crystal

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This beautiful tourmaline crystal displays layers of all the colors one looks for, in a premium watermelon specimen such as this. All edges and faces are pristine, without chipping or fractures. The specimens termination is excellent, as well. A premium specimen, for the discriminating collector.

Measurements: ~2.9" Long
Location: Paprock, Afghanistan
Weights: 14.7 Grams

More Information:

Albite / Elbaite, also known as Tourmaline is a group of mixed crystals with the following major members, Elbaite, Dravite, Schorl, Buergerite, Tsilaisite, and Uvite. The general color range of the mineral's family are colorless, pink, green, blue, yellow, brown, and black. What distinguishes tourmalines are the three-sided cross sections that are different than any other mineral.