26.5g Sericho Meteorite

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This meteorite was naturally sculpted as it fell from the sky. As it transformed from molten into a solid, gravity worked it's magic to create this natural piece of art.

This formatted piece of Sericho Meteorite found from a fall that happened in Kenya in 2016. The magnetic stand is included with the meteorite.

Weight: 26.5 grams

Measures:~ 1-1/2" long x 1-1/4" wide x 3/4" thick

Location: Habaswein, Kenya

More Information

Only a short time ago in 2016, two brothers came across dense stones in an area south of Sericho, Kenya. They immediately suspected the material to be meteorite, as the area was otherwise devoid of rock. They rented an engine hoist and spent several weeks transporting the material to their home in Habaswein. Although the brothers were the first to realize the value of the meteorite and transport it for resale, for decades, many other camel herders knew of the rock's existence. Some of the older herders said they once played on the rocks as children. However, the date of the actual fall is in question. In 2017. Having heard of the Sericho find, meteorite hunters Moritz Kar and Michael Farmer traveled to the area, where they struck a deal with the brothers. This stony-iron pallasite contains large, gem quality olivine in a nickel-iron matrix. The olivine to nickel-iron matrix ratio is normally 50/50. The olivine crystals vary, with some as small as 5 millimeters, up to several centimeters. The Olivine crystals are normally fractured and produce coloration from light yellow to deep orange.