3.25" Fern Fossil

3.25" Fern Fossil

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This fossil fern specimen has a distinct impression, giving a very appealing look to it. The fossil has not been enhanced in any way.

Measurements: 3-1/4" x 2-1/2"
Location: France
Time Period: Carboniferous ~300-250 MYO

More Information:

Leaves and other fossil plant specimens are unique in their simplicity and beauty. They give someone a feel of what the land and forests must have looked like during different time periods. For some reason, these type of fossils have a relaxing effect on many people, allowing us to envision a world of simplistic wonder.

Annularia is plant specimen which grew during the Carboniferous time period, ~ 360 - 300 million years ago. This period of time was appropriately named, as coal deposits were developing throughout the planet. In the United States, Carboniferous is referred to by two separate time periods, the Mississippian and the later, Pennsylvanian.