6" Fluorite Cluster

6" Fluorite Cluster

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This beautiful fluorite specimen has an array of colors that make this cluster very vibrant. The color patterning is a mix of blues, purples, and a hint of green.

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Measurements: ~6" High x 5" Wide x 1-1/2" Deep Location: SOB Claim, Socorro County, New Mexico

Fluorite forms in a variety of colors and is either transparent to translucent. The chemical composition of Fluorite is CaF2, (calcium & fluorine.) The variation in colors are due to trace amounts of other elements replacing the calcium during the crystalline formation. Fluorite is actually fluorescent and will glow when illuminated with an ultraviolet light source. 

Fluorite is mined for a variety of industrial uses, however although it is an exceptionally beautiful mineral and is used to a degree in lapidary uses, it is not commonly used as a semi-precious stone, due to its softness and fragility.