7.75" Celestite Geode

7.75" Celestite Geode

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This Celestite geode has a uniquely shaped inner cavity with very tiny needle like crystals, complimented by several larger, "clean" terminations. The specimen's hue is a nice light blue, and not the dull gray which is more commonly found.

Measurements: ~7-3/4" Wide x 4" High x 5" Deep
Location: Madagascar, Africa

More Information:

Celestite is a delicate mineral from Madagascar which consists of strontium sulfate. Strontium is a mineral commonly used in fireworks and as a component in metal alloys. Its crystals occur most often as tabular or elongated. Celestite is said to aid with astral travel, psychic gifts, balancing male-female energies, and to enhance creativity and communication.

Geodes are spherical to free form shaped rocks which begin formation as a hollow bubble inside a layer of rock. The bubble could be formed in the lava of a volcano or it could come from the hollow remains of animal burrows or tree roots. As an animal moves out of its burrow or a tree root dies, there remains a cavity surrounded by sediment hundreds of feet thick. The pressure of the sediment eventually causes the sediment around the void to turn into rock. Then, similarly to the geode created by lava, mineral rich water finds its way in and out of the now hardened bubble which allows for the formation of crystal inside the bubble. The crystal formations may be small in form, or may build into larger formations. Normally the mineral deposits are in the form of quartz or calcite. The deposits may be pure thereby creating clear crystallization, or they may have trace elements such as iron, manganese, sulfur, etc. If the formation inside the geode continues to fill it completely it is no longer a geode but becomes a nodule. Geodes are found around the world, with the abundance found wherever there was volcanic activity.