Guide to BirthstonesBirthstones are believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron, who wore 12 gemstones to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Today, one or more birthstones are assigned to each month of the year, and numerous legends have arisen regarding the mystical powers of birthstones. Whether you believe in these powers or not, there is no denying that birthstones are a beautiful way to celebrate your uniqueness. Here is your guide to birthstones.

January: Garnet

Most commonly a deep, blood red, the garnet is a beautiful way to celebrate birthdays at the beginning of the year. The garnet symbolizes peace, prosperity and good health. Legend holds that it can bestow on its wearer eternal happiness, health, and wealth.

February: Amethyst

The purple quartz amethyst brings warmth and strength to those born in the cold, dark, short month of February. Amethyst is associated with peace, courage, and stability.

March: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

March babies have two birthstones: the primary aquamarine and the secondary bloodstone. Representing the blue-green colors of the sea, aquamarine is calming and cleansing. It is said to bring good luck, protection, and eternal youth.

Bloodstone is a type of chalcedony that is typically dark green flecked with iron oxide spots that resemble blood. It is associated with justice, and is claimed to be a powerful healing stone that rebalances the energy and reduces anxiety.

April: Diamond

Arguably the most prized birthstone of all is April’s diamond. Besides its symbolism of eternal love, the diamond is associated with abundance, courage, creativity, fortitude, harmony, imagination, strength, and increased feelings of self-worth.

May: Emerald

The intensely green emerald is the perfect choice for birthdays in the late spring. Emeralds symbolize healing, loyalty, and domestic bliss. They are said to bring personal growth, self-reflection, peace, and balance.

June: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone

Those born in June have one primary birthstone, the pearl, along with two secondary birthstones, alexandrite and moonstone. The creamy, opalescent pearl represents hard-won wisdom, integrity, and generosity. Pearls are claimed to provide spiritual protection and to attract good luck.

The extremely rare and valuable alexandrite actually changes colors according to lighting conditions. In daylight, it appears greenish-blue to dark yellow-green. When viewed by candlelight or incandescent light, though, it is pink to fiery red. Alexandrite boosts confidence and brings good fortune, and is considered a powerful lucky charm.

Composed of microscopic layers of light-scattering feldspar, moonstone acts as a prism, creating a soft and billowy milky glow in a range of colors. It is considered a spiritual prism as well, diffusing energy that cleanses negativity, boosts intuition, and provides powerful spiritual protection.

July: Ruby

The lustrous red ruby symbolizes powerful feelings of love, passion, and a boundless zest for life. Considered the “king of the gemstones,” the ruby also provides powerful healing energy and is one of the most valued stones of all.

August: Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel

Late-summer birthdays in August are represented by three birthstones—the primary peridot and the secondary sardonyx and spinel. The light green peridot is sometimes referred to as the evening emerald. It symbolizes strength and the bright side of life.

A form of chalcedony consisting of layered sard and onyx, sardonyx is a powerful grounding stone. It comes in various colors of red, depending on the amount of iron oxide present. Sardonyx is said to bring balance, courage, and lasting partnerships.

Spinel is the newest August birthstone. Bright red spinel is associated with the power of the flame, while violet spinel is linked to spiritual development, yellow spinel to the intellect, and green and pink spinel to compassion and love.

September: Sapphire

Most commonly found in a deep, royal blue, sapphire actually comes in a rainbow of hues. Regardless of its color, though, sapphire is associated with wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. It is claimed that sapphire encourages self-discipline, focuses the mind, and helps the wearer to channel a higher power.

October: Opal and Tourmaline

October’s primary birthstone is opal, while its secondary birthstone is tourmaline. Sometimes known as the “eye stone,” opal diffracts light to create a play of colors. Opal is an emotional intensifier and stabilizer, and is associated with love and passion.

Available in a wide variety of colors, tourmaline is considered a receptive stone. It is said to heal emotional wounds, to bring healing, and to promote meditation, introspection, and mysticism.

November: Topaz and Citrine

November has two birthstones, the primary topaz and the secondary citrine. Topaz comes in a range of colors, including a yellow that resembles citrine. Topaz is associated with good fortune, love, truth, and forgiveness. It is said to realign the meridians of the body, channeling energy to where it is most needed to heal and recharge.

Yellow citrine is primarily used as an aid to manifesting the heart’s desires. It is affiliated with spiritual and physical health, personal power, and creativity.

December: Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise

December babies have three birthstones. Tanzanite is primary, while zircon and turquoise are secondary. Tanzanite is a powerful blue stone associated with wisdom, judgement, long life, and spiritual mastery. It is often used to promote introspection.

Zircon is available in a range of colors. It is often used for spiritual grounding and to promote sleep. Zircon is also believed to bring prosperity, wisdom, self-confidence, and compassion.

Turquoise varies in color from powdery blue to greenish-blue. It is affiliated with serene, balanced, feminine energy. Turquoise is believed to have strong powers of both physical healing and spiritual grounding.

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