Brazilian Agate Coaster Set

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These beautiful natural color Brazilian Agate coasters will make a great accent to any home decor. Each coaster measures approx. 3-3/4" (incl. the wood frame) and each cosater has protective felt glued to the bottom of the coaster to prevent scratching your furniture. Each coaster is unique as the banding varies from coaster to coaster. A wooden holder nicely stores the 6 coasters when they are not being used. Each set of coasters will vary slightly.

Measurements: Overall dimension for the wooden holder: 4-3/4" in diameter x 2-3/4" tall

Location: Brazil

More Information

Brazilian Agates are found in the southern states in basalt formations from 4 to 40 feet deep and at elevations of about 2500 to 3500 feet above sea level. Agate is a variety of silica composed of alternating layers of various colored chert or quartz. Agates were named after the Acate River in Sicily where the stones were originally found. The most accepted theory as to how these Agates formed is that as lava cooled, gas and steam accumulated to form bubbles or cavities. For many eons, water that carried silica penetrated the copper and iron-bearing rock surrounding the cavities, filling them with irregular internal layers. Finally, the whole mass hardened, ending a 50 million-year-long process and leaving beautiful, interesting stones for collectors to find and enjoy.