Camarasaurus Metatarsal

Camarasaurus Metatarsal

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This is the second of only two Camarasaurus metatarsals we acquired. It is in excellent condition, displaying the permineralization color typical for the area.
Measures: 8" Long x 4" Wide x 2" Thick
Location: Red Canyon Ranch, Bighorn County, Shell, Wyoming, U.S.A.
Time Period: Jurassic / ~150 MYO

More Information:

Of the gigantic Jurassic age dinosaurs, Camarasaurus was by far the most abundant while simultaneously being the most well preserved. Measuring between 50 to 75 feet in length, and weighing up to 47 metric tonnes, this dinosaur's sheer size was its natural defense against predators.

The name Camarasaurus is Greek, meaning "Chambered Lizard". The name is appropriate, as the animal's vertebrae had many open pockets and cavities. This was common with dinosaurs this size. It's theorized that the openings provided passages for air flow and were nesting places for an network intricate air sacs that connected to the creature's lungs.

Although Camarasaurus had sharp, chisel like teeth, which extended slightly past its gumline, it was strictly a herbivore, dining on coarse vegetation.

Camarasaurus traveled in herds, or at least in family herds, as adult pairs have been discovered, alongside juveniles.