Fossil Sea Urchins

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These fossilized Sea Urchins are from Madagascar. No two will be the same, so each will vary in size and form. You can be certain, we will always choose the finest specimen we have for you. Time period: Jurassic Period: 160 mya Measure: ~ 2" across
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This type of Sea Urchin, "Mepygurus depressus", like a (sand dollar), is an extremely flat form of echinoid. They are a slow moving creature, feeding primarily upon algae, as they burrow through the soft sand in our oceans. Sea Urchins have a rigid skeletal system, known as a test, which is comprised of several interlocking plates. On the top of their bodies are five visually paired rows of perforations of their endoskeleton, which are formed in a perfect star shaped pattern. These perforations act as a gas exchange system for the Sea Urchin.