Staurolite (Fairy Cross)

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This is a representative picture of the Staurolite of this size that we have available. We will pick the piece that is in our humble opinion the best available at the time of purchase. They are approximately 1" across and all feature two intersecting Staurolite crystals in a grey, shiny matrix. Dimensions: ~ 1"- 1.5" in diameter Location: Keivy Mountains, Kola Peninsula, Russia 

More Information

The most interesting feature of Staurolite and the source of its unique nickname is its frequent twinning into an "X" or cross shape. This property, called penetration twinning, results in some visually striking formations as the Staurolite juts out of its matrix. The origin of the word Staurolite also stems from this formation, coming from the Greek stauros (cross) lithos (stone).