Dragonfly Nymphs

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The image shown is a representation of the specimens we have available. All are similar, but each will vary slightly in size and structure. We only have a small selection of these finely detailed little creatures. All of them are of the highest quality. So, you can be certain we will select a fine specimen for your collection.

Location: Piedmont, Italy
Time Period: Miocene / 20 Million Years Ago

More Information

When a Dragonfly's eggs hatch, the life cycle of a new Dragonfly begins as a Nymph. These bizarre looking little creatures spend the majority of the their life cycles under water, waiting sometimes up to four years for their wings to develop. As soon as a Dragonfly is able, it begins its hunt for a mate. Once a mate is found, the female will immediately search for a calm body of water to lay her eggs, so the life cycle can begin again.

If by chance a Dragonfly nymph develops more quickly during the winter, it will stay in the warm water until it's safe to come out into the warmth.

Dragonflies are extremely carnivorous, so much so that Dragonfly Nymphs will sometimes even eat other Nymphs.

Once a Nymph develops into a fully mature Dragonfly, its life cycle is extremely short, lasting only a few months.