Plesiosaur Teeth

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These Plesiosaur teeth are very nice for any collector. Each one has been hand selected by us and you can be certain we will choose a beautiful specimen for you. Please remember that each will vary somewhat in size and shape. Measurement: 1-3/4" + Location: Khouribga phosphates, Morocco Time period: Upper Cretaceous ~95 m.y.o.

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Plesiosaurs, (Pleiosarus mauritanicus) were gigantic marine lizards that were nearly as old as the dinosaurs. They made their first appearance during the Triassic period and became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period. Plesiosaurs were among the largest creatures during their existence. They had extremely long necks, thick short bodies and short tails. Plesiosaurs had four paddle like flippers as appendages which they use to swiftly propel themselves through the water, similarly to today's penguins and turtles. Their powerful jaws filled with long sharp teeth were strong enough to bite through ammonites and other hard shelled sea creatures. Particular fossilized creatures found in the remains of Plesiosaurs indicates they may have been bottom feeders. Skeletal remains of Plesiosaurs have also revealed gastroliths in their stomachs. It's uncertain however if the gastroliths were used for digestion or to aid in their buoyancy. It was originally thought Pleisiosaurs crawled out of the ocean to lay eggs, but it has been confirmed these huge animals actually gave birth to live young, similarly to Mosasaurs. There is unproven speculation this prehistoric animal has somehow survived extinction as Plesiosaur is the type of creature people claim to see when describing the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland and there was an unproven claim of a Japanese fishing boat possibly snagging the remains of a Plesiosaur, on April 25, 1977.