Bismuth Crystals

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These bizarre crystals started as pure minute Bismuth particles.
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The photo is a nice representation of the Bismuth we currently carry. Each piece will of course vary in structure and color, but you can be certain, we will always choose a fine specimen for your collection. Measurements: ~ 1" across Location:

Through a heating and cooling procedure performed in Germany, the crystals are "grown" as the crystal expands along its outside edges. The amazing array of color in a Bismuth crystal is due to oxidation.

Bismuth is one of the first of 10 metals to have been discovered. It is a white crystalline, brittle metal that sometimes will tinge pink when exposed to surface oxidation. It is diamagnetic (meaning that it can create a magnetic field and is a permanent magnet) and has a very low thermal conductivity, lower than most metals. Bismuth is approximately 85% as heavy as lead but very low in toxicity.

In the 18th century, Bismuth metal was often confused with lead and tin. Bismuth was also known to the Incas of Peru and was used (along with copper and tin) to create a special bronze alloy for knives. In current times, bismuth is used in cosmetics, pigments and in medicine such as Pepto-Bismol.

In metaphysical definition, bismuth is known as the stone of transformation; it directs the change to orderliness and calms the state of change. It simulates cohesiveness in groups and helps one to just simply enjoy the journey of life.