Loose Herkimer Diamonds / BB Grade

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We were able to obtain a handful of BB grade, loose Herkimer diamonds which we're happy to offer for a more reasonable price than some of the lessor quality material we've seen on the market.
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These are BB grade Herkimer diamonds, so there will be inclusions but no more than 25%. We hope you'll intrust us to choose a fine specimen on your behalf. Dimensions: Average ~ 15 mm + / - each 


A Herkimer “Diamond” is a double terminated quartz (SiO2) crystal in its original form, as faceted by nature. The best crystals (1/4” – 1” in size) with brilliance, clarity, and surface luster approach a real diamond in appearance. Having been originally found in Little Falls, Herkimer County, NY determined the name. Today they can be found over a ten by fifty mile belt covering Herkimer, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties. Fee collecting areas are located in Fonday, St. Johnsville, and Littleville, NY. Specimens are found in pockets of dolomite limestone rock, while loose crystals can be sifted from the topsoil in many areas. Loose crystals in their natural form are readily adaptable to jewelry making, whereas crystals still attached to the rock matrix are the most desired by the pure collector throughout the world.