Zuni Double Raven (Jet)

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This unique double raven fetish has attached, back-to-back sitting ravens, both with turquoise inlaid eyes.

Tribe: Zuni

Measurements: 2-1/8" High x 8" Wide x 1" Deep

Material: Jet

Artist: Brian Yatsattie

More Information

Prized for their beauty and spiritual renewal, fetishes have long been an important part of Native American Culture. When a Fetish maker prays over his created work, a mystical power is believed to become released, assisting a person in finding a solution to their present problems. All Southwestern tribes make and use fetishes, however, the Zuni people have developed a reputation for being skillful carvers. Among the Zuni, fetishes offer good luck, protection, and hunting guidance from the inner spirit of each carved animal.