3.75" Carcharodontosaurus Tooth!

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At almost 4 inches, this Carcharodontosaurus Tooth would be an excellent addition to anyone's collection. The serrations and tip are exceptional, with no repair. On one face, the enamel is nearly perfect, with the other face showing a normal wear line.The tooth's coloration is consistent with material from the region. This is a nicely sized theropod tooth, in excellent condition

Measurements: 3-3/4" Long x 1-3/8" Wide x 3/4" Thick Location: Morocco, North Africa, Kem Kem Basin Time Period: Cretaceous ~90 myo

More Information

Carcharodontosaurus was one of the largest theropod dinosaurs to ever roam the earth, with its average size being larger than that of Tyrannosaurus-rex. Carcharodontosaurus (named after the shark, genus Carcharodon) was a carnivorous dinosaur that was most likely a pack hunter, similar to their distant relative Allosaurus. Carcharodontosaurus was indeed enormous, weighing 6 to 15 tons and measuring up to 45 feet in length. The large serrated teeth of this beast could grow up to 8 inches in length. The original fossil of Carcharodontosaurus was destroyed during the second world war due to allied bombing missions. However, in 1995, a skull was discovered in Morocco, Africa.