Edmontosaurus Maxilla with ~ 30 Teeth

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This nicely preserved Edmontosaurus Jaw section displays over 30 teeth, all of which are original to the specimen. The bone itself is is pristine condition and has been stabilized. The patina is typical of material that is discovered in the area, displaying a light chocolate brown tone. Measures: ~ 10" long x 2" wide x 3-1/4" deep Cretaceous period: 75m.y.a. Location: Hell Creek formation, Montana, USA
More Information
Edmontosaurus was a genus of Hadrosaurid "Duck Billed" dinosaur, a huge beast which roamed in herds across Western North America during the Cretaceous time period. At over 40 feet in length, Edmontosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs. Its immense size was its natural defense against the carnivores during the time. Along with its massive size Edmontosaurus had an extremely long and heavy tail. The tendons in much of the Edmontosaurus back and tail were "ossified". This is a process where tendons transform from softer tissue into bone. Edmontosaurus needed this process to occur in order to help its muscles support its massive tail. Edmontosaurus had a unique hinge between the upper jaws and the rest of its skull, allowing it to push its upper jaw outwards and sideways while chewing, as the lower jaw slid against the hundreds of upper teeth it had in the back of its mouth.