Fossilized Walrus Teeth

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These specimens all show slight permineralization, displaying slightly warm to darker brownish hues. The photo is a good representation of the specimen you will receive. We hope you'll entrust us to choose a fine specimen for you. Measurements: ~ 1-1/2" across Location: St Lawrence Island, Alaska, USA Age: 2500 - 10,000 years

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When ancient Eskimo hunting parties would gather for their annual hunts, after cleaning their prey they would bury the remains of their hunt in large pits. That was done  both for sanitary reasons and to help prevent other predators from being attracted to the scent. Now, thousands of years later, the relatives of those ancient Eskimo hunters have realized the importance of discovering and uncovering these ancient Walrus burying pits. They are now preparing the fossilized remains of these unusual creatures in the forms of artifacts, bone carvings and as other specimens.