G. Katsenih Hand Spun Zuni Vase

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An excellent work of art by the artist G. Katsenih. The hand turned piece is tastefully hand painted with dragonflies, lizards and ladybugs. The colors are warm and soft. The piece is signed and dated.

Measures: ~ 4-1/2" x 7" Location: New Mexico Year: 2000

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Pueblo are a modern and ancient community / nation of Native Americans that have inhabited the Southwest (New Mexico , Arizona, Colorado & Utah) for thousands of years. The name "Pueblo" is actually Spanish, meaning village dweller. The Pueblo are thought to be decedents of Anasazi, Hohkam & Mogollon and are one of the oldest cultures in America, dating back some 7,000 years.

The Pueblo were excellent at building and began developing settlements and villages in mountain caves, canyon bases and on top of mesas.and are are well know for building ancient apartment style housing and communities constructed of adobe mud, stone and masonry. Unfortunately, intertribal warfare took its toll and the remaining ancient Pueblos migrated to New Mexico, the far southwest of America. There they continued their building techniques, designing dwellings of sandstone and adobe. The Pueblo were also farmers that employed irrigation methods, and were excellent hunters with the spear.

Today in the field of artistry the Pueblo are well known for their excellent silversmithing, inlaying finely cut stones into sterling silver. They also excel at pottery, painting, fetish carving, ceramics and a host of other artistic skills.

Acoma means "People of the White Rock". Their location is in Sky City, one of the longest inhabited places in North America, dating back over 1200 years. It is located on top of a mesa, some 400 feet high, and is located in New Mexico, about 50 miles west of Albuquerque.

The Pueblo of Zuni (She-wa-na, meaning tThe Middle Place) is located approximately 40 miles south of Gallup, New Mexico. They were farmers whose culture in there present location has been dated back from between 3000 - 4000 years. At one time the Zuni lived in six separate villages, spread out in the desert of southwester New Mexico. After their revolt against the Spanish, the Zuni took refuge on top of a steep defendable mesa called Dowa Yalanne. The Zuni speak a language that is unrelated to any other Native American nation, dating back over 7000 years.