Rare Chrysoberyl Crystal/Espiritu Santo

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Measurements: ~1 1/4" Tall x 1" Wide x 3/4" Deep Location:Brazil, South America

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The name Chrysoberyl is from the Greek words (chrysos and beryllos), meaning a gold-white spar. Although the word "beryl" is in the word Chrysoberyl, they are two completely different gems. Chrysoberyl is formed from the same elements that Alexandrite and Cymophane (Cat's Eye) are comprised of. It is very similar to Alexandrite but lacks the photochromic color changing properties of Alexandrite. It is a rare gemstone that is transparent yellow/green. Its chemical formula is BeAl2O4. For a more detailed description of Chrysoberyl, click here.

Metaphysically, Chrysoberyl, or Espiritu Santo, is a stone of personal power, releasing users from old patterns that no longer serve them and increasing self-esteem, generosity and forgiveness.