Large Salt Lamp

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Each lamp is completely natural, so each will vary in shape & size. We hope you'll intrust us to chose a beautiful lamp for you.Each lamp comes complete with a cord and bulb.

Measures: 8" - 11" Location: Himalayan Mountains.

More Information

A Himalayan salt lamp will exude a warm soft glow through its own natural translucency, adding a unique and beautiful relaxing accent to your home or workplace.

Each salt lamp is totally natural and hand crafted in order to allow its own natural beauty to be revealed. Your salt lamp may be gently cleaned using water but should never be immersed in water, as it will cause it to deteriorate.

Each salt lamp will vary in size and shape as they are of a natural material. Colors will vary slightly as well. But, you can be assured; we will always choose the highest quality we have available for you.