Michigan Copper Nuggets

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This copper has been found in Michigan. The pieces are very flat. Each box of copper weighs approx. 40-45 grams and there is approximately 50 pieces to each box. Box dimension: 1-1/8" x 1-1/8" x 3/4" tall
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In a few locations throughout the U.S. copper is found in the form of natural nuggets and specimens are frequently found by prospectors using metal detectors to search for gold nuggets and other metallic objects. Natural copper nuggets and specimens can potentially occur in any area that has high amounts of copper, but the states of Arizona and Michigan are best known for producing copper nuggets and specimens.. In Arizona, copper nuggets are a fairly common in certain areas, and are often found by prospectors searching for gold nuggets and meteorites with metal detectors. Since copper is a non-ferrous metal, it can sound very similar to a gold nugget, so prospectors will dig them up along with gold and other metals. Most copper nuggets found in Arizona are relatively small, ranging from small sub-gram nugget to the larger pieces weighing a few ounces in size.