6 x 4mm / Natural Blue Zircon Earrings

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As an accompaniment to any Zircon necklace or pendant, (or by themselves), these natural Blue Zircon oval earrings would are for any occasion. They are prong set in sterling silver.

Stone's origin Brazil Size: 6 x 4mm / Oval

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Not to be confused with "Cubic zirconia, or Zirconia", Zircon is a natural tetragonal crystal that forms in silicate melts, in the Earth's crust and mantle. Although Zircon can be found in color ranges from clear to varied color depths of blue, red, golden -yellow and browns, the actual word Zircon originated from the Persian word "Zargun" which means "gold-hued". From that word, it is translated to the German word Zirkon, then Zircon in English. Although Zircon is common in the Earth's crust, large crystals are rare. As mentioned, natural colors of Zircon are widely varied. Both blue and white Zircon are known to have a higher reflection rate than diamonds. Zircon is a relatively hard stone, measuring 7.5 on the Moh's scale. For the most part, Zircons are relatively inclusion free,. Within the "Gemstone community" Zircon is not a commonly used stone, which is a shame, as there's an amazing array of colors and tones within each individual stone e.g. Blue Zircon will have sparks of red or yellow if held just so.