1-1/2"+ Spinosaur Teeth

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These Spinosaur Teeth are hand selected to insure high quality. Each tooth will of course vary a bit in size and shape. We hope you'll entrust us to select a fine specimen for you.

Measurements: ~ 1-1/2+" long Location: Kem Kem Basin, Morocco, Africa Time Period: Cretaceous ~ 65 Million Years Old

More Information
Spinosaurus is a genus of theropod that roamed northern Africa during the cretaceous period. It is known for being the largest carnivorous dinosaur in the fossil record. This monstrous beast not only walked the lands but also was adept at swimming in the seas. Their remains are found in what is now the Sahara Desert. During the Cretaceous time period this area would have been a massive floodplain and mangrove forest. Spinosaurus had a distinct sail on its back, and had teeth specifically designed to catch fish, which probably made up a good portion of its diet along with any smaller dinosaurs that were unfortunate enough to cross its path. An adult Spinosaurus would have grown to be a maximum of 10 tons, which is thousands of pounds heavier than an adult Tyrannosaurus Rex.