Owyhee Jasper Gem Box

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Every box in this category is unique and handmade in St. Petersburg Russia, by the most well known artist in his field. We gave the artist a piece of our best Owyhee Jasper and asked if he would please create a unique hinged box. And, he certainly didn't disappoint! The box is lined on the inside with wood.

Material: Top - Owyhee Jasper - Oregon/Idaho Border Material: Sides /Bottom: Black Serpentine Measurements: 4-3/4" wide x 2-7/8" deep x 1-3/4" tall Made in: St petersburg, Russia

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Old Owyhee Jasper from the Oregon/Idaho border. This stone was custom cut from an old private collection of Owyhee Jasper we picked up in New Mexico. The mine producing this high quality Owyhee Jasper was closed in the end of the 1970's.