Small Aquamarine Crystal

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These Aquamarine are hand selected to ensure high quality. Each crystal will of course vary a bit in size and shape. We hope you'll entrust us to select a fine specimen for you.

Measurements: ~ 3/4"-1" H x 1/8" W Weight: ~ 0.5 grams Location: Erongo, Namibia

More Information

Aquamarine is a light blue variety of beryl with hints of green. The blue color comes from the presence of ferrous iron, and without it or another impurity, beryl would be clear. Other noteworthy types of beryl include emerald, heliodor, and morganite.

The name Aquamarine translates as you might expect, aqua marina meaning "water of the sea" in Latin. It is a highly sought-after mineral that is most often cut and faceted to use as gemstone in jewelry.