Skarn Egg w/ stand

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Well defined pattern on this egg shaped carving made out of Skarn Approximate size is 2-1/2" x 1-3/4". Includes an acrylic stand.

Location: Dalnegorsk, Russia

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Dalnegorsk Skarn, a local rock with characteristic light-green stains, is mined in the Dalnegorsk area of northeast Primorye. Dalnorsk Skarn is a hard, coarse-grained metamorphic rocks that form by a process called metasomatism. Skarns tend to be rich in calcium-magnesium-iron-manganese-aluminium silicate minerals, which are also referred to as calc-silicate minerals. In many cases, Skarn is associated with the intrusion of a granitic pluton found in and around faults or shear zones that intrude into a carbonate layer composed of either dolomite or limestone. The hydrothermal fluids associated with the metasomatic processes can originate from either magmatic, metamorphic, meteoric, marine, or even a mix of these. .