5-1/4" Hadrosaur Egg

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Displaying very well preserved, yet not perfect shape & shell retention, this Hadrosaur specimen would be an excellent addition to anyone's collection. Please don't let the "un-perfect" shape throw you off. If it looked perfect, it would not be real!

Measurements: ~ 5-1/4" across X 4-1/2" high Location: Xinjiang, China / Collection from Barrington, Illinois Time Period: Cretaceous ~ 90 myo

More Information
Hadrosaur was a gigantic duck billed herbivore dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period some 70 - 100 mya. A Hadrosaur's whole front section of its skull was flat and broadened out to form a beak making it ideal for clipping leaves and twigs from trees. Hadrosaurs had a unique hinge between the upper jaws and the rest of its skull, allowing it to push its upper jaw outwards and sideways while chewing, as the lower jaw slid against the hundreds of upper teeth it had in the back of its mouth. Hadrosaurs relied on their immense size as their primary form of defense.

*Note: As of 2011, the government of China declared fossils originating from their county to be "of cultural heritage", banning the sale of that material outside their country, unless the material had already been outside China before 2011.

We were fortunate enough to come across a group of these eggs, from a collection that had been obtained during the 1980's> So, they are completely legal. We will provide provenance. **Whether you buy material from us or others, please exercise caution and buy from a reputable source.