6mm Labradorite Beads

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6mm smooth round Labradorite beads displaying high flash; showing blue and greenish colors over a translucent grey body.

Each strand measures 16 inches in length.

Location: Madagasacar

More Information
The never ending paradoxical surprises hidden by Mother Nature show that laying under her rugged matrix exterior, an abundance of exquisite beauty exists. One should have no doubt of that after seeing an amazing, polished Labradorite specimen. Labradorite is in the feldspar family of minerals along with moonstone and sunstone. Labradorite originally came from the northeastern Canadian province of Labrador. Today it is found predominantly in Madagascar, though a prominent variety known as spectrolite is found in Finland. Originally Spectrolite was a trade name used only to refer to material from Finland. However, the term Spectrolite has been expanded to include Madagascar Spectrolite.