Navajo Spiny Oyster Cuff Bracelet by Charles Johnson

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This cuff bracelet would fit an 8 inch wrist, and the stone measures approximately 1 1/4 inches. The work around the Spiny Oyster shell cabochon is detailed in a traditional Navajo style. This is a fine example of handcrafted Native American jewelry

Description: Turquoise in beaded and feathered, fine sterling silver Artist: Charles Johnson Nation: Navajo Size: 2-3/8" Inside diameter

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At the early age of 15 Charles Johnson began his apprenticeship in lapidary and silversmith work, under the tutorage of his parents, His mother was a fifth generation jeweler and his father a second. As Mr Johnson continued to learn his art, his skills developed to where at the age of 20 he was a full time silversmith. Then, while continuing his silverwork, he tried his hand at lapidary work. Although he began in the practice of traditional Navajo jewelry making, he eventually honed his creations, changing to a much more contemporary style. Mr Johnson then began to create a more "Western style" comprised of uniquely designed Petroglyphv (Anasazi drawings) work, on bracelets and belt buckles, which now comprise the majority of his work.