Manganese-oxide Dendrites

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These nice little Dendrite specimens are from Solnhofen, Germany. As with all our material, this is a natural creation and each specimen will vary in composition. We hope you'll trust us to choose a nice piece for you.

Age: Jurassic (155 myo) Location: Solnhofen, Germany Measurements: ~ 2-3/4" long x 2" tall 

More Information
Commonly mistaken for fossils, Dendrites, ( from the Greek word meaning "tree") are actually a mineral (>Manganese-oxide and iron-hydroxide) formation that occurs when mineral (manganese and iron) rich water finds its way between limestone and other rock layers then deposits those minerals along fissures inside the stone. This Dendrite specimen was found in Jurassic limestone that is ~155 million years old. These minerals are 100% authentic and natural.