Rare Giant Sloth Jaw

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Fossilized specimens of this animal are rare. This fossilized Giant Sloth lower jaw was found in Bolivia and is in excellent condition. It has had no restoration and all of it's teeth are original and intact. This fine specimen would be a special addition to anyone's collection. Measurements: ~ 14" from front to back / front width 7-1/2" across / rear width 7-1/2" across from each mandibular / 4" high in front / 7" tall in back

More Information
The Giant Sloth was an enormous creature that lived during the ice age and disappeared at the end of the Pleistocene period. The largest of these beasts could stand on their hind legs and strip the leaves off trees over 20' high! Although Giants Sloths primarily existed on a vegetarian diet, there have been suggestions that they supplemented their food by hunting and eating giant armadillos.