Cobaltoan Dolomite

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This is one of the larger pieces of cobaltoan dolomite we have had in stock. The color is extremely vivid and bright, and the tiny cobalt crystals sparkle in any light! The pink stands out against the tan limestone/dolomite background. A truly eye-catching specimen!

Measurements: ~5-1/4" long x 3" wide x 2-1/2" tall

Location: D.R.O.C., Africa

More Information

Cobaltoan dolomite has bright pink cobalt crystals that grow on dolomite/limestone. The combination of minerals is a rare variant of the common mineral, dolomite. Cobaltoan dolomite is only found in 5 countries, most often mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. The crystals are small in shape, but often have a soft shimmer and the bright pink color is highly sought after.