Copper Ore Specimen

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One of the nicer things to come across is a specimen which has almost 50/50 Copper to Quartz. The piece has been highly polished and then lacquered so the Copper will not oxidize.  A piece of cork has been applied to the bottom so the piece will not scratch a surface.

Measurements: ~ 5-3/4" tall x 4" wide x 1-1/2" thick

Location: Michigan State, USA


More Information

The name Copper Ore means the rock containing the copper has enough quantity of the metal to be harvested. It is generally mined mashed together as a conglomerate rock containing mainly quartz, sericite, barite, and a long list of other minerals. Usually specimens of copper ore are smelted down for commercial use, but the beauty of this rock really holds a special place to rock and mineral collectors as well.