Deep Purple Brandberg Amethyst

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This Brandberg Amethyst has exceptional coloration. The deep, saturated color makes it stand out as a high-quality addition to any collection. The crystal includes phantoms of various tones of purple, giving it interesting depth and pattern. The edges and facets have not been polished, so they show natural ridges and grooves. However, the main termination is still in tact. 

*Note: First 3 photos in this series display the crystal with back-lighting in order to show the internal inclusions and color. The last photo displays the photo without a back light.*

Measurements: ~3-3/4" long x 1-3/4" wide x 1-1/2" deep 

Location: Brandberg, Namibia, Africa

More Information

Brandberg Quartz are found only in the Goboboseb Mountains (more often known as Brandberg locality) in Namibia, Africa. These crystals have a combination of Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Smokey Quartz. This location is known for exceptional quality crystals with great clarity, and rare and interesting inclusions. Some inclusions that can be found in Brandberg Quartz can be; enhydros, phantoms, scepter formations, Lepidocrosite, and Hematite.

Phantom Quartz is created when minerals have been washed over and captured within a crystal during its growing process. The mineral deposit acts as a record of the crystal's lifetime. Phantoms appear as ghost crystals, or faint lines that mimic the shape of the main termination of the crystal. Phantom colors vary depending on the mineral which is captured. Very frequently, these phantoms are chlorite, hematite, or clay. Another way that phantoms can be formed is through natural irradiation, or a temporary increase in temperature during the growing process. The increase in temperature results in deeper or more vivid colors especially in smokey quartz and amethyst.