Diplomystus mortality plate

Diplomystus mortality plate

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Exhibiting excellent scale and skeletal detail throughout is this collector's quality Diplomystus mortality fish plate. The specimen is all natural and sits proudly within its natural matrix background. The matrix itself has a nice aesthetic look, as the top edge shows the natural layering of the sedimentary rock in which the specimen was discovered. This piece would make a beautiful accent to any home or office, simply by displaying it on a stand. Or, you could easily have a hanger attached to the backside, allowing the specimen to be displayed on a wall.

Plate measures: ~ 17-1/2" x 10-1/2"
Fish measures: ~ 10" long
Location: Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA
Time period: Eocene (50 myo)

More Information:

The Green River Formation in the USA covers an area over 25,000 square miles and is more than 2,000 feet thick. This formation, dates back more than 50 million years. It is one of the largest documented accumulations of sedimentary rock in the world. At the time, the area was sub-tropical and many different species flourished. Today, the majority of Fossil Fish taken out of this limestone formation are from two separate layers. "The 18" layer and the split fish layer". The 18" layer is composed of laminated sheets of sedimentary limestone, allowing for fossil fish specimens to be extracted whole.


Diplomystus dentatus was one of those Green River fish and was related to today's herring. They were surface feeders, with their diet consisting of smaller fish, such as Knightia.