Exceptional Fukang Slice

Exceptional Fukang Slice

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This piece has an appromiximate 80% Olivine to 20% nickel-iron matrix ratio. The Olivine has a beautiful yellow green colour. One side of this specimen is polished, while the other is acid etched. It is nicely displayed on a lucite stand with a magnet, holding the Meteorite in place.

Measurements: ~ 1-3/8" x 3/4"
Location:Fukang, Xinjiang, Western China Mountains
Weight: 14.5 grams

More Information:

The Fukang meteorite, which fell in the year 2000, is a stony-iron meteorite that contains large, gem quality olivine in a nickel-iron matrix. The olivine to nickel-iron matrix ratio is normally 50/50. The only find of the Fukang Meteorite weighed a total of 1,003 kg. The olivine crystals vary, with some as small as 5 millimeters, up to several centimeters. The Olivine crystals are normally fractured and produce coloration from light yellow to deep orange.