Fossil Seal Canine Tooth

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Quick Overview

This is one of the more unique fossilized teeth that we have in stock. The tip is in tact and the enamel is in good condition. The root has been restored (appx 1/2" of restoration) to show what the complete fossil would have looked like. A great specimen for those fascinated with marine-related fossils! 

Measurements: ~3-3/4" long x 3/4" wide x 1/2" thick 

Location: California, USA

Time Period: ~15 MYO

More Information

Pinnipeds (commonly known as seals) are carnivorous, semi-aquatic marine mammals. There are more than 50 extinct species of seals found from different fossils. Over time, their senses have developed to adapt to water and land living. Some examples are their eyesight, hearing, whiskers, and their fat layers/fur to keep warm in cold water.