24.5 gr Fukang Meteorite with Stand

24.5 gr Fukang Meteorite with Stand

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This meteorite slice shows the brighter green olivine in some spots and darker olivine in other spots. One side of this specimen is polished, while the other is acid etched. The stand included with the meteorite is a magnetite stand which will showcase the slice

Measurements: ~ 1-3/8" wide x 1-5/8" tall
Location: Fukang, Xinjiang, Western China Mountains
Weight: 24.5 grams

More Information:

The Fukang meteorite which fell in the year 2000, is a stony-iron meteorite that contains large, gem quality olivine, in a nickel-iron matrix. The olivine crystals very in shape, from rounded to angular. The sizes vary as well, with some some as small as 5 millimeters, up to several centimeters. The Olivine crystals are normally fractured and produce coloration from light yellow to deep orange.