Gwindel Smokey Quartz, Switzerland

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This is an exceptional specimen. It is rare to find such a formation of quartz, especially this large! The crystal has a light smokey hue, and looks to have chlorite inclusions washed over the outermost layer of the specimen. 

Measurements: ~4-1/8" long x 3-1/2" wide x 1-1/2" deep

Location: Switzerland

More Information

Gwindel Quartz is an extremely rare and still not fully understood formation. The crystal seems to grow sideways, with the appearance of many double terminated quartz stacked and slightly twisted. The name "Gwindel" comes from the German word "gewunden", which means twisted. They typically are flattened and rectangular. Gwindel Quartz is often confused with Faden Quartz. However, Faden Quartz have natural etched triangle formations on the facets of the crystal.