Hyaenodon Horridus Skull

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Quick Overview

This skull is from an impressive prehistoric carnivorous species! The elongated shape of the skull and snout are characteristic of Hyaenodon Horridus. There are several teeth that are still in tact and in good condition, with some teeth showing wear facets. Sold with a custom made metal stand. 

Measurements: ~9-1/2" long x 5-1/4" wide x 5" tall

Location: White River Badlands, S. Dakota, USA

Time Period: Oligocene ~35-25 MYO

More Information

Hyaenodon Horridus (“hyaena-toothed”) were carnivorous mammals that have been found in all continents except for South America, Australia, and Antarctica. They existed for about 26.1 million years. These large dog-like predators (88-130 lbs) have been shown to prey on larger species such as primitive horses, camels, and even other carnivores (including Dinictus). Despite their names, they are more similar to modern day wolves rather than hyaenas.