20 " Hypacrosaurus Caudal Vertebrae

20 " Hypacrosaurus Caudal Vertebrae

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This pristine Hypacrosaurus vertebrae is in superb condition. It has no restoration and all processes are complete. The included stand displays the piece perfectly. This museum quality specimen would make for an excellent addition to anyone's collection, or simply an awesome accent for one's home or office.

Measures: ~ 20" tall x 15" Wide x 3" thick
Location: Two Medicine Formation, Montana U.S.A.
Time Period: Cretaceous / ~ 74 MYO

More Information:

Of all the "duck billed" type dinosaurs, Hypacrosaurus, (Greek for, "nearly the highest lizard", as it was almost as tall as Tyrannosaurus -rex) is probably the most easily identifiable Hadrosaur, with a pointed crest and a row of short spines coming out of its vertebrae. These spines formed a small fin along its back. At 30 feet in length and weighing up to 4.5 tons when full grown, Hypacrosaurus roamed the forests of North America, eating eating pine needles, seeds, fruit, twigs, and tree leaves. It's also thought Hypacrosaurus lived in herds. And, a nesting ground has been found, with fossilized eggs and hatchlings. Although Hypacrosaurus fed and lived in the forests, it's believed it would travel to higher grounds, to reproduce. Hypacrosaurus matured rather quickly, with newborns reaching full size in 10-12 years.