Imperial Topaz Bead Necklace (14k Yellow Gold)

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Quick Overview

These are high quality polished Imperial Topaz beads that are strung on sturdy bead wire with 14k yellow gold clasp and jump ring. The beads are graduated, meaning the largest beads are toward the center and gradually get smaller toward the clasp. The rich color and clarity make this a truly special piece! 

Measurements: ~16-3/4" long, largest bead 13x10mm, smallest bead 9x6mm

Location: Utah

More Information

Topaz comes in many different hues such as yellow, blue , colorless, green, or the very rare red topaz. Topaz occurs in the igneous rock rhyolite, or granite and is found in tiny cavities within these rocks. It is used in jewelry making, and also has industrial uses because it has a lot of qualities such as heat resistance. Gemstones that are cut can really be valuable.