RARE Mesophryne beipiaoensis / Frog

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Frog fossilization in as pristine condition as this is exceptionally rare. This may be one of the most complete and well preserved frog specimens of its kind. This Mesophryne beipiaoensis, was sold from our private collection, some 15-20 years ago and has since returned.

The limbs are nicely splayed out, giving the specimen an almost lifelike appearance, with the hand didgits also seperated. The rest of the piece is also excellent, showing exceptional detail throughout.

A gem.



Measurements in Matrix: 5-1/2" long x 4-1/2" wide x 1" deep

Measurements of Frog: 5" long x 4-1/2" wide

Species: Mesophryne Beipiaoensis

Location: Shan Dong Province, China


Era: Late Cretaceous ~90 MYO

More Information

Mesophryne beipiaoensis is a Mesozoic frog that lived in China (most commonly the Liaoning beds) during the early Cretaceous era. One of the most obvious trends in frog evolution is the decrease in vertebrae length (number of presacrals). Some of the earliest known frogs have up to 14 presacrals, whereas most living fogs have eight or fewer. Mesophyrne has nine presacrals compact in a short spinal column. These frogs are also known for their primitive features including a short snout to pelvis length.

*Note: As of 2011, the government of China declared fossils originating from their county to be "of cultural heritage", banning the sale of that material outside their country, unless the material had already been outside China before 2011.

Whether you purchase material through our shop or another, we advise you obtain the material from a reputable source, making certain that material is authentic and is not being sold illegally.