5-1/4" Malachite Brain

5-1/4" Malachite Brain

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Malachite "Brains or Broccoli" are increasingly difficult to obtain, as the amount of effort to polish these unusual specimens is exceptionally time consuming.
As shown in the photos, this nicely sized Malachite Brain displays beautiful botryoidal development throughout.

Measurements: ~5-1/4" wide x 5" wide x 3-1/2" thick
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo. Africa

More Information:

Malachite is a secondary mineral of copper ore that is light green to deep dark blue green in color. The name Malachite is derived from ancient Greece, meaning "Mallow green stone", in reference to the leafy foliage found on the Mallow plant. Typically, Malachite is found as crystalline aggregates, or crusts, and the mineral is commonly found in banded form, similarly to agate. Sometimes it is found in botryoidal (bulbous) cluster formations. When a Malachite mineral specimen forms in this shape, it is referred to as a Malachite Brain or broccoli due to the similarity in appearance. Malachite is also found as a pseudomorph, with one of the other minerals commonly being azurite.